NarxCare, Pharmacies Way of Tracking Opioid Usage of Patients. What You Need to Know

Jessica Scott, Belmont Law, Class of 2021

Pharmacies try to do their part during the opioid crisis to track data of patients’ usage and find those who are at-risk. Technology is a huge part of helping pharmacists track down those who are at risk for substance misuse or abuse. Appriss Health created NarxCare, an analytic system that helps pharmacists quickly identify at risk patients. NarxCare was integrated into Walmart and Sam’s Club pharmacies, towards the end of 2018 and Rite Aid recently integrated NarxCare directly into their analytics.

NarxCare goes beyond tracking patients’ usage and prescription history but gives an objective insight into who may be an at-risk patient for substance misuse and abuse. NarxCare provides what is known as a Narx Report, the report includes a patient’s NarxScores, Predictive Risk Scores, Red Flags, Rx Graph, and State Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMP). The NarxScore are a quantified representation of the data in the PDMP ranging from 000-999, the higher the number the more likely one is to be at risk for misuse or abuse. The NarxScores take multiple factors into consideration including the number of prescribers, morphine milligram equivalents, pharmacies, and overlapping prescriptions.  If Red Flags appear in a patient’s profile, then that patient could be at risk of an unintentional overdose or other adverse events.

While most pharmacists already have access to PDMP information, NarxCare has gone a step further to make the information easier for pharmacists to analyze and keep them from overlooking potential at risk patients. NarxCare may become an essential tool for pharmacists to “identify potential problems up front, in real-time, for every customer, every time they consider a controlled substance dispensation.”

NarxCare is a step in the right direction for keeping those from taking advantage of their local pharmacies to gain access to Opioids and other controlled substances. Some find that NarxCare gives pharmacists access to more patient information than needed, the main problem is not the abuse of the pharmacies to access Opioids, and the focus should be those who are purchasing drugs illegally. However, NarxCare could be the much needed step in preventing those from misuse and abuse of the pharmacies and hopefully curving the Opioid crisis in the United States.

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