Symposium 2019: Whole Health: A Community Approach to Healthcare

Whole Health Symposium Panelists


  • Tera Hambrick, Matthew Walker Health Center
  • Mark Ison, Sherrard Roe Voigt & Harbison, PLC
  • Dr. Jeanne James, State of Tennessee, Division of TennCare
  • Caitlyn Page, Waller, Lansden, Dortch & Davis, LLP
  • William Wright, Premise Health

Moderator: Taylor Wilkins, Riggs Davie PLC

Whole Health Symposium Morning Keynote Speakers

Professor Larry Van Horn, Vanderbilt University Owen School of Management

Professor Leah R. Fowler, Health Law and Policy Institute

Whole Health Symposium Afternoon Keynote Speaker

Professor Laura Hermer, Mitchell Hamline School of Law

Fall Panel 2018: Interoperability: How Can Blockchain, Healthcare and the Law Work Together?

Blockchain Panel


  • Larry Bridgesmith, Vanderbilt School of Law
  • Adel ElMessiry, Utilize Health
  • Will Blackford, GEODIS

Moderator: Philip FitzGerald, Belmont Health Law Journal

Student Notes

Clay Brewer, Help Us, Help You: Big Tech and the Future of Personal Health Records

Ryland Close, Blockchain for DSCSA Compliance

Sarah Ferraro, Finding the Positive in a Positive Drug Test: How Narrowing the Definition of an Individualized Pre-Employment Assessment Under the ADA Can Encourage Recovery from Opioid Dependence

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